Recently, the Colombian British Chamber of Commerce invited the president of AviancaTaca Fabio Villegas and from Davivienda Efraín Forero to the interviews of Learn from the Masters.

With the presence of almost 100 entrepeneurs, the presidents of Avianca and Davivienda shared their biggest secrets of management, investments, adquisitions, projections, among other topics.

DSC 0355_Copiar

From left to right.Efrfaín Forero Presidente Banco Davivienda, Carmiña Ferro Presidenta Helm Bank, Patricia Tovar Directora Cámara Colombo Británica, Fabio Villegas Presidente AviancaTaca, Santiago Echavarria Presidente Junta Directiva Cámara Colombo Británica.

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